Sunday, December 27, 2009

Take a Deep Breath

I'm on vacation and iPhone blogging, so this will be brief.

I've been hearing rumors of health issue with Meyer for some time, and had it on a pretty good source he would be gone by age 50 at latest. If he had to leave, while no time is "perfect", right now is damn close. Next year was apt to be a down year anyway with our player losses, and with the new talent coming in (that we can hold in to) it is a good time to implement a new system.

There are plenty of talented coaches out there that will thrive with the inherent advantages Florida has. Folely won't make a Zookian error twice. Remember, Miami won 5 "national titles" with 4 different coaches.

It didn't end with Steve Spurrier, and it won't end with Meyer. Both men left the program better than they found it. The best job in college football awaits.


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

jj gator said...

You and I can breathe a whole lot easier, Mergz. Meyer's staying at UF; he just needs to get healthy and enjoy an extended R&R that he deserves. Let's all pray for Urban to get well and come back soon!

Unknown said...

Urban Meyer needs to get healthy and make some permanent adjustments if he wants to avoid going through this next year. Given his personality, I will be surprised if all he does is take a baby step towards permanent lifestyle change. Hopefully it will not take another heart attack for him to make permanent changes--more delegation, less travel, more sleep, more relaxation.