Saturday, December 26, 2009

And So That Is That

Gloat away rivals, but know this truth -

If we want your coach, we can have him.

If we don't want him, by all means keep him.


Anonymous said...

Think the chances are good that we can keep Charlie Strong from going to Louisville and staying on to coach UF?

hiltonheadtm said...

Spoken like a typical arrogant UF fan. I'm sure the Gators would be happy to get Saban or Stoops and I doubt you would get either of them.

All of us wish Coach Urban a long and healthy life. Very few of us wish the same of the Gator football program.

Can you smell the five losses baby?

Urq said...

Why do you spend time reading about Gator football? You are obviously a person that wishes ill will on people instead of your program winning-I feel very bad for your pathetic life.

Gator Nation will be fine.

I would like to hear about possible candidates?
- Tedford?
- Mullen?
- Strong?
- Gruden?

Any thoughts from the stewards of this blog?

Hogbody Spradlin said...

Mergz, you being a little tounge in cheek there?

Anonymous said...

Anyone talking about Muschamp??

Tommy said...

No gloating from this Dawg. As a fan of sports in general, I see Meyer as a complex story. Certainly, his accomplishments warrant nothing but admiration. His drive, relentlessness and motivation are truly frightening.

But he is a cautionary tale that says plenty about the perils of investing ourselves to deeply into our work and about the impact we fans can have on loading such expectations on a game played by adolescents. Meyer burned too bright, too fast.

Mergz, as a fellow fan of the game, I understand your hurt, and maybe that hurt was why you used your first post on this topic to lash out at rivals. That said, aside from a few message board nuts, I doubt any Florida rivals are really celebrating. For me, it's a time to pause, take the man's measure and that of the game's human toll.

And, when you're ready, Lane Kiffin is ready for your call. ;)

DRU2012 said...

Actually, I'm glad someone said it --and sooner rather than later.
There are a few other things that need to be said, but they can keep (probably best to wait, take a breath and think before blurting out a few of the things that spring to mind).
All you folks who wish us ill, fine, kick us while we're down. We'll not forget, nor show any sympathy or mercy later. And "later" WILL come, eventually.
As for our team, the crisis and its difficult aftermath: we can only hope an inspired hire comes quickly, and we can begin to pick up the pieces and build anew. It'll be a difficult road no matter what; how big a job will depend on these next few days and weeks.
Couldn't have been more strategically planned to destroy us. After everything else these last few weeks have brought, the water has topped the damn and now it is all being washed away. Think I'm being over-dramatic? I hope I'm wrong. I hope there really is some "perfect hire" out there, that Foley et al can make it and that we somehow land on our feet, don't lose too many recruits and are back on top in a season or two.
Doesn't feel that way, though. Feels like when Spurrier bailed, only worse.

Mergz said...

Yeah, the post was a bit in piqué, but I was responding to inordinate and I think I'll advised gloating from rivals.

See my newest post. I honestly think Florida football will be fine (next year wasn't looking to peachy anyway)