Saturday, November 15, 2008


Seen on ESPN's scrolling updates -

"Florida hands Spurrier largest loss of his career"

UPDATE: Karma, revised -

From ESPN -

Spurrier and Meyer met at midfield after the beatdown, and Meyer said Spurrier told him, "Good luck. Go on a four-game winning streak."

Fine - you are still a Gator at heart. We will welcome you back when it is all over.


miguel said...

Was watching at home with no one else home and heard the exchange:

Off camera while Urban was looking for Spurrier.

twangy voice: “I like you guys go win 4 in a row.”
unknown UF player (likely Tebow) “Yes sir”
On camera:
Urban: “Coach!”
Spurrier: “Hey Urb. Good luck to you guys. Go win 4 in a row.”

Urb robotically shaking USC players hands. To GameCock player (emotionlessly): Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

sigh. I do miss Spurrier. I don't understand the animosity towards him. He's obviously retained a deep deep loyalty to the school, and he graciously stepped aside to allow a younger coach (meyer) to take over when the administration expressed that as their desire. It's just football, guys. It's a whole lot of fun for us to watch, and the reason it's so much fun is because Spurrier built our program into a national power.

Show some gratitude.

Anonymous said...

stepped out of the way?

your memory is a little foggy...

when he came back to college he could have coached anywhere in the country, he picks not only an SEC team, but a eastern division team...

akin to your out-of-your-league wife leaving you in the middle of the night for a rich dude, then shortly leaving him and moving in with your rivalous ugly white trash next door neighbor.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

To take the metaphor one step further, and be more accurate, that wife gave us the best sex of our life and we took her for granted. Then when she asked to come back, we told her to get lost. It's our own fault that she went with the neighbor. And it's not like we ended up with a mutant. We got ourselves a trophy wife.

DolFan 316 said...


As I remember it, when the whole NFL thing didn't work out, Spurrier actually wanted to return to the Gators but was told he'd have to interview for the job. INTERVIEW FOR THE JOB!!!

Yeah, I'd have been insulted too. It's like when one of my friends was in college and worked for Best Buy every summer, the same store. Right after graduation he went to work for them again until something better came along and was told that before they could hire him he'd have to submit to a CIA-style drug test and background check. The results of said drug test didn't come back for about a month.

I guess some people resent having to jump through hoops just to get work at a place they've been employed at so recently that most of the people who were there before still are. I guess Spurrier should've just taken it like my friend and rattled off his resume in the interview process. Can you imagine how *that* scene would've played out?

DolFan 316 said...

Yup, I knew my memory hadn't failed me...

Just scroll down to the part right after he leaves the Redskins.

Anonymous said...

"We will welcome you back when it is all over."

But for NOW...

You're GATOR BAIT!!!


jj gator said...

Dolfan, as things turned out we got somebody a HELL of a lot better in Urban Meyer, so if any of the Spurrier-worshippers are still peeing in their corflakes over something like that (and BTW that "interview" crap isn't true), then let them if they refuse to get over being so jaded.

I'll always be grateful for what SOS contributed to Florida football both as a player and a coach, but his departure from UF was a bit premature and as I still see it he jumped to the NFL feet-first. THEN, look at what we were forced to put up with for three years after ward. Not cool at all.

DolFan 316 said...

I still can't believe Zook was in Gainesville only 3 years, it seemed like ten.

And now he's in the process of ruining Illinois. I love it!

jj gator said...

The Cryin' Illini refused to believe what we weretelling them about Zook, and now they're learning it the hard way - and realizing that we were right all along.

I also hope Northwestern beats them this Saturday and keeps them out of the bowls. Maybe then the Illinoise faithful will finally withdraw from their kool-aid induced stupor.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Tommy, I'm not saying you shouldn't post comments or that your comment is not valid. But just like you have a right to post a comment I have a right to respond. Any time a record is broken in any sport there are valid reasons to to try to detract from the record. The most famous of which is the Roger Maris 61 home runs record. In retrospect it's silly to have an asterisk. Part of sports is that they evolve. The only reason to have an asterisk for Maris is if the the 162-game season was a short-lived thing. But that's the way the game is played today. We're not going back to 154 games therefore any record is a record.

We can talk about systems or avg. length of the scores etc. but the truth is that Tebow is in unchartered territory. He may be the single most dominating college football player ever. Remember that he could still come back next year. The ALL TIME rushing TD record is within reach if he does that.