Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fade the “Blackout”

You know a gimmick has passed its prime when teams that don’t even have black as one of their official colors call for a “blackout”.

Florida State became just the latest team (see Alabama at Georgia) to get humiliated at home in front of a nearly uniformly ebon clad fan base. As far as I can tell, the “blackout’s” sole redeeming feature is the contrast it provides when the home fans have left in disgrace – it highlights the few remaining.

The earliest example I remember of the now-all-too-lame “blackout” was Florida at South Carolina in 2001. The home team got smoked in that case too, 54-17.

At this point “color” outs are about as innovative as the wave. And when you start doing them in shades that aren’t even your school colors, doubly so.

It’s just a shame FSU didn’t save it for our visit.


Troy said...

Nothing but good memories of the '01 blackout. Said Spurrier, "One of our receivers said, 'Coach, it was nice of them to wear all black so we can pick the ball out of the sky,'"

At least when we color-out it's because the opposing team is either orange or blue, so we wear the opposite color. You know, when a color out makes sense.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY cool "Color"-outs are the White Outs at Happy Valley.

Man those are impressive


G8RB8R said...

The only thing worse than the f$u blackout last night, was that the visiting team looked like they were wearing the f$u away uniforms! How sad is that???

DolFan 316 said...

Agree wholeheartedly with the anti colorout sentiment, and it's high time someone pointed out just how ridiculous, preposterous and downright ludicrous it was! Lord knows the mainstream media never will...