Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Saturday…

…and yet another top defense blown up.

South Carolina pre-Tebow/Harvin/Demps/Special Teams/Defense

Scoring Defense

National Rank – 10th
Points per Game – 15.6

South Carolina post “The Spurr-Dog Massacre”

Scoring Defense

National Rank – 24th
Points per Game – 19.3

This adds the “Cocks” to the following fallen D’s whose current rankings are nearly solely as a result of having faced the Gator machine –

Kentucky – 36th nationally, 21.1 ppg. Without Florida – 16.9 ppg (would be 14th ranked)

Georgia – 58th nationally, 23.8 ppg. Without Florida – 21.3 ppg (would be 39th ranked)

Vanderbilt – 27th nationally, 19.8 ppg. Without Florida – 17.3 ppg (would be 15th ranked)

I'm not bothering with LSU, because we aren't the only ones who can take credit for that mess.

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