Saturday, November 15, 2008

Touchdown, Tebow

Countdown to Herschel:



florida gators said...

tebow did a hech of a job tonight!!

Tommy said...

I think this is an interesting stat to follow and it certainly highlights the enormity of Tebow's achievement at Florida.

It also says a lot about the offense he's in. By no means do I think he deserves the "system quarterback" mantle, but, if you're judging him solely by touchdowns (as this comparison does), then you do need to look at them in context. Overwhelmingly, Tebow's rushing TDs came on fullback dives.

We can quantify this by looking at his rushing yards per touchdown and comparing his stat with that of a non-QB rusher, such as ... well, you picked Mr. Walker, so let's start with him.

Tebow's average as a starter is 37.8 yards per TD. By comparison, Walker's average was 101.1 yards per TD. That's a nearly 3x differential. In spite of that yardage disparity, the frequency of scoring between the two is a lot closer. Tebow's rushes/TD as a starter were 9.68, compared to Walker's 19.12. That's a little under a 2x differential.

Of course, Walker didn't throw the ball, and Tebow's thrown a boatload of TDs. And you could go back and forth on whether that makes his achievement at Florida all the more remarkable, or just speaks to how much more dependent Florida is on Tebow than Georgia was on Walker. Given that they played different positions, it's probably an apples:oranges discussion.

Thankfully, this is just about rushing TDs. As one would expect to be the case with RBs vs. QBs, Herschel had to work harder than Tebow for his scores.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

If Tebow passes Hershel Walker there isn't going to be a 6-paragraph disclaimer about how he got the record.


Anonymous said...

Too late. There already is.

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for all the naysayers to just stop overanalyzing and looking for excuses, sit back, and appreciate that we are watching one of the greatest FOOTBALL PLAYERS ever...


Henry Louis Gomez said...

Too late. There already is.

This isn't the SEC record book.

Tommy said...

Henry, I'm just offering a fresh viewpoint that was relevant to the conversation and, if nothing else, enhances your SEO. It's your blog and if you want it to be an echo chamber, just turn the comments off.

Henry Louis Gomez said...


I thought I responded to this comment but apparently not. I appreciate your opinion but am also entitled to mine. Are you generally a proponent of asterisks (i.e. Roger Maris) or just in this case?