Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well Positioned

After 7 games this year the Florida Gators are ranked 6th overall in scoring defense at 11.9 points per game. For reference our 2006 BCS Champs gave up 13.5 ppg.

Offensively we are 7th ranked for scoring offense at 42.0 points per game. For further reference our outstanding offense of 2007 scored 42.5 ppg.

As of now it appears we have the best elements of the last two years – 2006’s defense and 2007’s offense.

That said, we play the most challenging team we have yet in the Georgia Bulldogs next week, even with their injuries.

And, how large that loss to Ole Miss looms now.


Anonymous said...

I hate to feel this way, and I know that you guys aren't MNC fans (noone likes the system- but I'd like to see us win one) but I'm satrting to feel like Urban held the team back until it was necessary in order to spare Tebow (something I actually think is pretty smart considering how beat up he ended the year) and that for the last 9 quarters we've basically seen the real Florida team (add the 4th against Ole Miss in there if you want), an offense that's basically unstoppable (and if CI was healthy may have been able to half-ass it-- then Tebow would have had a third down target). If we beat UGA (probably the defense most suited to beat us-- or at least they were before taking those interior hits, now its Bama if Cody is back 100% by Atlanta) I think this might be the best all around team we've had since either 2001 or 1996 (2001 is still in my mind the best Spurrier team-- if Graham doesn't go down before the rescheduled Tennessee game, we crush them and anyone else).

UgaMatt said...

UF looked good this weekend. We all wanted a Cocktail Party with the East on the line, now we have it. As always, here's hoping for a good game with no injuries(God knows we've both had enough of that this year). GATA Dawgs!

Jams said...

I'm a regular reader and commenter, and tonight I got bored and took the time to create a flowchart of possible Big 12 South results. I thought you might enjoy looking it over and possibly using it on the blog sometime this week. You have my permission to use it as you see fit. I'll also be sending it to various other blogs and sites that I frequent.

Here's a link to it via imageshack:

jj gator said...

If our Gators want it bad enough, they'll play against UGA as though they do - the SEC East is theirs to win and it's theirs to lose. The loss last year still looms in many minds, and I'm sure Coach Meyer will use that (as well as that bullshit storming-the-fields gesture of Richt's) as a huge motivational tool.

When all was said and done in 2006, we were in the right place at the right time as far as the BCS is concerned. These next two weels are critical for UF and "must-wins" if we want to play in Atlanta on 12/6 as well as lock in a BCS slot in the top 8.

DolFan 316 said...

That damn Ole Miss loss is going to be one of those I never get over until the day I die. Right now it's extremely likely that blocked extra point is going to be the only thing preventing the Gators from playing for the title, and that's just...I can't even describe it.

At least Ole Miss finally beat another SEC opponent besides the Gators in the last 2 years...