Monday, October 27, 2008

Preliminary BlogPoll

Preliminary BlogPoll, with comments later if time -

1Texas --
2Alabama --
3Penn State 1
4Texas Tech 1
5Oklahoma State 2
6Oklahoma 1
7Georgia 1
8Utah 2
9Southern Cal 2
10Florida 2
11Florida State 7
12Minnesota 3
13Boise State 3
14Ball State 8
15Tulsa 11
16Ohio State 7
17Missouri 7
18LSU 4
19North Carolina 7
20Oregon 6
21Michigan State 5
22California 4
23Notre Dame 3
24South Florida 3
25Connecticut 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#13), Georgia Tech (#16), Boston College (#17), Northwestern (#19), Pittsburgh (#20), Cincinnati (#23), Brigham Young (#25).

Let me know what you think.


Scully said...

Explain to me how this works again. I need a refresher course to understand how FSU is the 11th best team in the land.

Tomahawk Nation said...

FSU is way too high. The loss to Wake looks worse now.

Their best win is over a 3 loss Va Tech squad.

After that?
A below average Miami team

The wins over Colorado and NC State are unimpressive.

Also, FSU has played only 7 games.

Why did you drop TCU and leave Ball State?

Jason said...

Must be those great big wins over 2A teams to start the season.

Also, LSU at 18th? When both ranked opponents they have played laid half a hundred on them, one on the road and one at home?

Clark said...

Whoa! TCU was 13th best in the nation last week, but apparently looked so bad in beating Wyoming by 47 points that they dropped all the way out of the top 25?!?!? What changed about TCU from last week to this week that merits a 13+ spot drop?

Mergz said...

That's why we are doing this process. Unlike usual when I put a lot into this on Sunday night, I was exhausted from my Gainesville return and did it just before deadline this morning.

Keep the comments coming, and we will get it right by Wed.

Jason said...

Hmm... North Carolina has wins over BC, ND (ranked in your poll here), UCON (also ranked in your poll here) and Miami in Miami vs a home loss by 3 to VT and an away loss by 3 to suddenly surging Virginia.

Mizzu's only creditable win so far is taking out rebuilding Nebraska on the road, and they fell to both ranked opponents they faced.

OSU has wins over MSU and Minnesota, but neither have played anyone of note themselves.

LSU I mentioned above.

So if it where me at least I'd think about NC/OSU/Mizzu/LSU in that order.

DolFan 316 said...

Looks like that Georgia Tech gumfest over Gardner-Webb really *was* a sign they weren't that good :)