Saturday, September 06, 2008

What to do with ECU?

Eastern Carolina is now the sole team with 2 very impressive wins over ranked opponents.

I can't see how I don't rank them in my top 5. I also don't see how - if they run the table - they don't deserve a shot at the BCS title (assuming normal considerations) They still have games remaining against ACC members Virginia and NC State and will have played a schedule comparable to an ACC team.

This could get very interesting.


Jason said...

They won't get a shot at the BCS MNC, don't even waste time thinking about it. However, should they go undefeated, they are a shoe-in for a BCS game of some kind. Those wins place them head and shoulders above the rest of the so-called BCS Busters.

Troy said...

Keep in mind also that the second best team in Conference USA just took the best (?) team in the Big East to overtime.

So that conference will not be as easy to dismiss as a "cupcake schedule" as Hawaii's crapfest of a schedule last year.

If (I know it's a big if) ECU runs the table and a 1-loss BCS conference team gets in the title game over them, it'd be a real shame.

Especially if Va Tech and/or WVU actually turn out to be decent this year.

Mergz said...

I agree Troy.

I almost wish it would happen (ECU undefeated, that is). Just watching the rationalizations of the pundits will be amusing.

Andrew said...

ECU beat an overrated Va Tech team with a lot of personnel issues. WVU for all we know may be Louisville from last year. Give ECU a few weeks before you jump on the bandwagon. MTSU almost took down #9 Louisville last season and it was a big deal until Louisville lost their next few games and looked awful.