Saturday, September 06, 2008

Not There

I'm missing my first home game in what I believe to be more than ten years.

Against Miami even.

However I have a good excuse. My second daughter was born this morning.

I still thought about jumping in the car and trying to make kickoff. Foolishly I shared that idea with my wife.


kevinh said...

Congratulations! On an excellent night too....

Jason said...

Well, look at it this way... she was born on a day when the Gators beat the Hurricanes for the first time in 24 years. You KNOW she is going to be a lucky child.

Mergz said...

Whuppin' the Canes made the day perfect.


AceGtr said...

I assume your wife's response was unprintable?!

Congrats on your daughter. As was said earlier, how could she be any luckier!