Sunday, September 07, 2008

It'll do

Not the cathartic fangasm that I was hoping for but I'll take it. It turns out that the pair of very expensive tickets I bought on Ebay were smack dab in the middle of the Hurricanes section. Just my luck. Here are the two Miami cheers I learned tonight:

Fuck the Gators, Fuck the Gators!


D-Fense, fuck 'em up, D-Fense, fuck 'em up!
Then I get into some heated words with a punk who said to his buddy "You know Tebow only scored 890 on his SAT?" I turned to him and asked him "What did Jacory Harris score?" He didn't have an answer for that except to repeat, "Tebow scored 890".

A minute later Tebow threw his first TD pass of the game and I yelled "890!" Then Mr. Class starts razzing me by insinuating that, unlike him, I'm uneducated. Meanwhile the crowd around us continues, "Fuck the Gators!" No, they didn't teach me how to be rude to an opponent I'm visiting, at the Warrington School of Business.  I guess that makes me uneducated

Then Mr. Classy starts in on me and what I do for a living. I, of course, wasn't going to humor the guy on this and fall for his bait. On the off chance he sees this however, I work in advertising where I handle a $25 million piece of business and make a generous six figure salary. He can me leave his mailing address in the comments. I'd be glad to send him my W-2 if he'll send me his.

Of course, the game was way too close for comfort during the first half. The offensive play-calling simply sucked in the first 30 minutes of the contest. The defense played well but we're talking about going up against a redshirt freshman QB in the first start of his career. The jury is still out on how good the Gator defense really is.

Listening to a national radio show on the way to my hotel in Ocala, the host was disgusted about Florida kicking the late field goal. Must have had Miami and the points. I just wish we would have punched in for 6.

Like I said, I wanted so much more but it'll do.

Oh, and a BIG CONGRATS to MERGZ on the birth of second baby Gator!


Mergz said...

Nice how the 'Canes fans threw debris on the field when that call didn't go their way.

Jason said...

Howard Schnellenberger approves of tacking on 3 last points...

Andrew said...

Would they rather we go for it next time and punch it in for 6?

Anonymous said...

This AIN'T like Vince (F' him!) Dooley calling a TO in the last minute to tack on some more points in a blowout.

I wish Tim had tossed ANOTHER ball into the endzone after the one that was called back...

...and we got the 6 instead of 3 at the end...

...and THEN called for an onside kick and used the 2 timeouts we still had to try & score AGAIN...

As Dan Hawkins so eloquently stated:

"This is DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!!! You don't like it? Go play intramurals, brother...go play intramurals."

Maybe if the Hurriqueens had actually tried to SCORE they might have made a difference?

jj gator said...

"The sun is orange, the sky is blue, f$u SUCKS and so does the "U"."

Try that one on for size, Cry-ami fans.