Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Spread is Working

For those who want to lay the blame of the Gator’s 3 loss season at the feet of the spread offense, look elsewhere. The Gator’s 2007 offense is one of the best Florida has ever fielded.

While the Vanderbilt team Florida beat might be offensively challenged, they are one of the nation’s better defenses. Prior to this game they were ranked 13th overall for scoring defense, surrendering only 17.4 points per game.

With the 49 points Florida scored today against the Commodores, the Gators are averaging 40.2 points per game. In Florida history, this season currently ranks 4th best, behind the following –

1996 – 47 points per game
2001 – 44.8 points per game
1995 – 42.9 points per game
2007 – 40.2 points per game

Point-wise, this offense has been Spurrier like in its production.

In the SEC, Florida has also scored more than the opposing team’s average scoring defense in every game this season –

Tennessee – 27.7 more
Ole Miss – 1.9 more
Auburn – 1.2 more
LSU – 8.6 more
Kentucky – 16 more
Georgia – 9 more
Vanderbilt – 31.6 more

Right now this offense is 10 and a half points better per game than your 2006 National Champions.

This 40 points per game has come against some of the nation’s best defenses too, with the following highly ranked opponents (scoring defense)-

LSU – 5th
Auburn – 9th
Vanderbilt – 13th

While challenges remain in defensively ranked 16th South Carolina and 18th FSU, the spread is working.

And it's working in the SEC.


Anonymous said...

That entry actually depressed me all the more by making me realize yet again just how colossally bad the Gators D had to be to lose three games. Seriously, I'm about to start weeping here.

BurritoBrosShits said...

Who was doubting the Offense? Most of the criticism I've heard this year is (rightfully) on the D's immaturity. At least the Dline was somewhat decent yesterday.