Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sagarin vs. Vegas, Weekly Results

For an explanation of the Sagarin System I am using, click this link. Vegas spreads are from Pinnacle Sports and are published here.

This week's results:

Nebraska at Kansas
Vegas Favorite: Kansas -20.5
Sagarin suggested: Take the Jayhawks and lay the 20.5

Result: Kansas rolled, winning 76-39, +$100

Wisconsin at Ohio State
Vegas Favorite: OSU -15
Sagarin suggested: Take the Buckeyes and lay the 15

Result: OSU rolled, winning 38-17, +$100

Rutgers at Connecticut
Vegas Favorite: UConn -1.5
Sagarin suggested: Take the Huskies and lay the 1.5 points.

Result: Connecticut rolled, 38-19, +$100

Navy at Notre Dame
Vegas Favorite: Notre Dame -3
Sagarin suggested: Take Navy and the 3 points

Result: Navy wins outright in OT, 46 - 44, +$100

LSU at Alabama
Vegas Favorite: LSU -7.5
Sagarin suggested: Take the Tide and the 7.5 points, Bama should cover it.

Result: LSU wins 41-34 but no cover, +$100

Weekly Summary: The Sag system wen 5-0, netting us $500

Year to date summary: The system is making a comeback to respectability after have 3 good weeks out of 4 and is now 21-24. We'd be down $540.

Going the other way: We'd be 24-21 and thus up $90

We are definitely seeing a trend that Sag's computer does a better job picking games as the season progresses. Stay tuned for next weekend's picks which I will post on Thursday.


Amos said...

LSU- 41, Bama- 34
LSU wins by 7, therefore Bama covered. Or I could just be slightly retarded.

Henry Gomez said...

I didn't see the game and did the post based on Yahoo sports. Maybe my eyes deceived me but I could have sworn they were showing a score of 41-31.

Anyway, I have updated and corrected. Thanks.

dethwing said...

They won by 7, not 7.5. Hence, no spread.

Henry Gomez said...

LSU needed to win by 8 to cover. They won by 7 and thus did not cover. Bama covers and Sag's suggestion was right.