Saturday, November 03, 2007

Longest Dominance Streaks

And then there were the Blue

With the fall of the 43 year Notre Dame over Navy dominance streak, the two longest remaining are both held (on the wrong side) by our commonwealth friends in blue –

1. Tennessee over Kentucky – 22 straight years
2. Florida over Kentucky – 21 straight years (including this year)

If the Wildcats can end the first streak by beating Tennessee on November 24th (and why not), the Gators will hold the longest winning streak over a single opponent in the NCAA.

So, go ‘Cats!


Henry Gomez said...

And we need UGA to lose to Auburn.

BestofSEC said...


Well, I'd be happy to hand it to the Gators if it means finally ending the UT streak.

Although, that might just be enough to push Phil Fulmer off the bridge.