Friday, November 02, 2007


I’m up in Gainesville early for the Vanderbilt game and its gorgeous in Gainesville right now - perfect weather. I got a chance to run in the Gator Gallop race prior to the homecoming parade, and when walking back along the parade route there was a sole ‘Dawg fan wearing his colors watching the parade. The best part – Gator fans were taunting him with quips like “Hey Dawg, if the floats are too exciting make sure you don’t run into the parade route.”

So on second thought, I guess I have to be glad Richt decided to pull his juvenile stunt – it will provide years of entertainment after all.

Now, if we can only beat Vandy...


Anonymous said...

Mergz, you say "juvenile stunt", I say, "genius move". The real entertainment value for years to come was the look on Gator Nation's face from beginning to end of the game.


Mergz said...

Fair enough.

Just don't go running out in the road celebrating every time you see those long Gator looks.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, I'll be saying "War Eagle" this year during the Auburn - Georgia game!