Saturday, November 03, 2007

Notre Dame - Historical Ineptitude Watch

For this week coach Weis unveiled a devious plan to pad Notre Dame’s offensive stats – play overtime!

Pure Weisian genius.

Notre Dame gets 360 total yards in their historic loss to Navy, which brings their season total to 1861 yards.

Thus, the Irish are now averaging 206.77 yards per game. Which, for the moment, brings them above our 1st watch baseline of 200 yards per game.

So while Weis is thanking the gods of overtime football (at least for the bountiful statistical bliss), we continue our Irish futility watch. After 9 names, for the Irish to avoid having a worst statistical offense in modern memory, we find the following -

To surpass the 2002 Rutgers team, Notre Dame will need:

237 Yards Per Game Average

237 yards per game sounds pretty reasonable, until you consider that the Fighting Irish have exceeded that number only twice this season (against Navy today and Purdue).

Note – Someone inquired as to why a Gator oriented blog is keeping this watch. Why? Because to quote a certain USC fan, the only thing more American than making fun of Notre Dame would be giving birth to a bald eagle.


Henry Gomez said...

It looks like Notre Dame won't continue their streak of winning the Commander in Chief's Trophy this year.


Anonymous said...

Oh I agree, Notre Lame can't be mocked enough. NOBODY who isn't a fan can dispute this. And even if you ARE a fan, it's still iffy.