Monday, October 22, 2007

Notre Dame – Historical Ineptitude Watch

We noted here that Notre Dame was on pace to have the worst offense – at least statistically – in the past 9 years of Division I-A football.

The Irish were shut out again, losing by 38 at home to USC in a pitiful effort that netted 165 yards total offense.

This decreased their average yards per game on offense from 190.86 to 187.63.

For the remainder of the Irish’s games this year, we are going to keep a running tally of what it takes to avoid the infamy of coming in worse than that 2002 Rutgers team that had only 214 yards per game, as well as what it will take to avoid being the only team that I can find statistically to get less than 200 yards per game.

Now the Irish should be able to avoid both fates, as the teams they play are some of the worst defensively in the nation.

Remaining Teams to Play (and their average YPG surrendered on defense)–

Navy (442.14)
Air Force (371.25)
Duke (438.29)
At Stanford (448.14)

To surpass the 2002 Rutgers team, Notre Dame will need –

267 Yards Per Game Average

To surpass 200 Yards Per Game, Notre Dame will need –

225 Yards Per Game Average

Go Irish!


Anonymous said...

Does this obsession date back to a certain Sugar Bowl?

Henry Gomez said...


Why is an observation an obsession? Because it portrays your beloved program in a way that you would rather not have it portrayed? In the cold harsh light of reality?

Henry Gomez said...

Actually we don't have to back that far to find a reason to dislike Notre Dame.

Henry Gomez said...

At this point Touchdown Jesus is merely throwing his arms up in befuddled despair.