Wednesday, September 12, 2007

War of the (Small) Worlds

Who says week one is the sole domain of the pasty scheduling?

It’s the third week of the season, and we have such one sided affairs to look forward to as –

Middle Tennessee State at LSU

Utah State at Oklahoma

Furman at Clemson

Buffalo at Penn State

South Carolina State at South Carolina

Citadel at Wisconsin

Louisiana Tech at California

Norfolk State at Rutgers

Run little schools, run for your lives!

One doubts the Appalachian State virus can save the earthlings this time.

Which leaves me a single question - Do I take LSU and give the 40 ½ points against MTSU?

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Henry Gomez said...

Sagarin says that LSU is 44 point better than MTS at home. Take that for what it's worth, he said Ohio State was better than Florida even after Florida trounced Ohio State.