Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tennessee Week

Your anger is a gift

Rage Against the Machine

Tennessee. The very word boils the blood of any true Florida fan.

If not, then have you forgotten?

Forgotten 45 to 3 in 1990?

October 13, 1990

Forgotten that overtime kick in 1998 (their National Title) when the Vol fans rushed the field?

Florida's Only SEC Loss in 1998 UT 20 - UF 17

Forgotten Steve Spurrier’s final game at the Swamp in 2001?

UT 34 - UF 32 SEC and BCS Title Hopes Dashed

Forgotten that this “man” led the band in “Rocky Top” at Florida Field?

Nice 'Do

Forgotten him?

Yeah, you never won. Still hate ya.

Forgotten the Hail Mary in 2003?

UT 24 - UF 10 at Florida

Forgotten that this game winning field goal in 2004 only happened because the refs forgot to start the clock?

UT 30 - UF 28

Forgotten Tee Martin, “Rocky Top” Peerless Price, Smokey, That Other Clausen, the “Checkerboard” End Zone, Endless Colquitts, or 105,000 screaming burnt orange lunatics at Neyland?

Lastly, never forget him –

Pure Orange Evil.


Anonymous said...

That makes me want to push an old lady down a flight of stairs! Preferrably Fulmer's mom.

Anonymous said...

Enough to piss off any true Gator fan - I can't stand UcheaT.

"Rocky Top, you'll always be
Gator bait to me,
Screw you, Rocky Top (P-U!)
Rocky Top Tennessee!"

Anonymous said...

That cheap-shot unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called against Dallas Baker in that same 2004 game, even through the VOL player threw the first punch, still pisses me off today. Either the ref should have called offsetting penalties or been more just in making the call!