Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shiny Things

Do Not Deviate from the Storyline - Kirk Herbstreit, when asked whether LSU’s impressive smack-down of Virginia Tech might make them number one, was quickly dismissive of the idea, stating USC was still clearly the 1st ranked team. The pollsters agreed, with USC retaining the number 1 ranking in both the AP & USA Today Coaches’ Polls. (’s Stewart Mandel similarly agrees).

To his credit, Rece Davis disagreed, saying “For the time being at least, LSU and Oklahoma deserve to be the top two teams in the poll. If you're a pollster and those aren't your top two, what you're saying is that your preseason prediction is more important than what you've seen on the field. Unfortunately, too many people seem unable to break that habit.”

Resume based voting Rece? A man after our own hearts here!

I’ll Be Watching - The Sunday Morning Quarterback has his most recent version of “Why to Watch” concerning the Notre Dame at Michigan game this weekend.

While his idea as a draw is – shall we say unconventional – he asks the following:

“If you have a better hook to draw casual fans to two 0-2 teams starting true freshmen quarterbacks and young defenses still struggling with the concept of "tackling," the marketers would like to hear it.”

Well, how about the two most winning college programs of all time playing to avoid the pure shame of a 0-3 start? I’ll be watching for the sheer humiliation of it all. One of these teams, even if they are totally undeserving, is going to get its first win. Plus, due to ABC’s sucker contract with Notre Dame, this WILL be televised!

Oh that’s right – it is the same time as Florida-Tennessee. I guess I won’t be watching after all.

Just Like UAB vs Alcorn State – This weekend’s only other 0-2 against 0-2 match up. Alas, it is not televised.

Brian gets his Rage On – So stunned by Michigan’s loss to Appalachian State he forgot to vote in his own BlogPoll , Brian at mgoblog channels his inner rage, by going from kittens to emus.

One shudders to think what a loss to the Irish might bring

Who’s That Knocking at the Door? – As mentioned Michigan and Notre Dame are the two most winning college programs, with 860 wins for Michigan, and 821 for Notre Dame. Texas is third, at 815 wins currently.

If Notre Dame continues to tank (say 5 wins this year), and Texas shines (say 11 wins), the season will end with ND at 826, and Texas at 824. A bowl win by Texas (ND won’t be bowling), and the 2008 season will begin with the Longhorns one off the Irish total.

And I Thought Florida vs Tennessee was Bloody – I once broke my hand at a Gator – Vol game (no, further details are not forthcoming). But it was nothing like this.

Speaking of Blood– Every Day Should Be Saturday works up their own blood rage by listing the top 20 reasons why Tennessee sucks. My blood rage tends not to peak until sometime after my 4th vodka drink leading up until kickoff.

This Just In – Phil Fulmer, still very fat.

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I believe it is NBC's sucker contract with ND, not ABC....