Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sagarin vs. Vegas, Weekly Results

Using the Sagarin System of prognosticating games we would have invested $550 on the five games I preselected and taken Oklahoma, Penn State, LSU, Georgia, and UCLA, laying the points to get all 5 of these home favorites.

Oklahoma wins and covers: +$100
Penn State wins and covers: +$100
Georgia loses: -$110
UCLA wins but no cover: -$110
LSU wins and covers: =$100

So Sagarin goes 3-2, netting us $80 or a 14.5% return on our $550 investment. Not too bad. Stay tuned for more picks for next week's games. I'll be glad to take suggestions on which games to select for next week.


Anonymous said...

suggesting the Irish vs Michigan, maybe two of the worst college teams and yet still one of the most interesting matchups as it may pit two of the greatest future NFL quarterbacks of our generation.

Henry Gomez said...

High School talent does not necessarily translate into college talent, see Ron Powlus and college talent does not necessarily translate into pro talent, see Danny Wuerffel.

I'm not ready to annoint either of those two guys as anything in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Florida v. duh.