Sunday, September 09, 2007

Just plain pitiful

Tommy Tuberville's Auburn Tigers lose in overtime to a 10 year-old University of South Florida football program that's been in Division 1A for half that time.

How hot is Tommy's seat right now?

Oh, and don't think for one minute that I believe my Gators are immune to one of these pity parties this year. Troy broke the 30-point barrier on us which, as Mergz points out, is not the hallmark of a championship team.


LeftLeaningLady said...

We knew that the D was going to be a little wobbly this year. I have no illusions that we are going to manage undefeated this year, but I think we could handle App St and USF. The SEC is a question mark (all of it), but we should be able to put away FAU in Nov.

Anonymous said...

Henry, if there's one thing that I hope Tim Tebow takes with him from the Troy game, it's NEVER to let down his guard and ALWAYS stay focused for the entire 4 quarters of ANY football game. This should be a learning experience for him as well as the rest of our offense as a perfect example of what NOT to do. This being his first season as a starter it's only fair to cut him some slack, but his miscues need to be addressed in practice and the film room by Coaches Meyer and Mullen this week - especially heading into the Tennessee game this weekend.

Going forward Tebow should be fine; he has what it takes to run the Gator offense and seems to be VERY effective out there as compared to Chris Leak who often looked like a deer staring into headlights.