Sunday, September 09, 2007

Passed By

Back on December 6, 2006 we made this post outlining the illusion that was Michigan’s defensive reputation.

Since that post, Michigan has given up –

32 points and 439 yards to USC.

34 points and 387 yards to Appalachian State.

39 points and 624 yards to Oregon.

For a grand total of 105 points, and 1450 yards. In three games.

Or, an average of 35 points, and 483 yards, per game.

In looking at that total, consider that one of those teams is Division I-AA.

Also consider the offenses involved – USC “West Coast” style, and Appalachian State’s and Oregon’s spread – option.

Lloyd Carr said in his post-game comments that perhaps the game has passed him by.

To the extent that many successful modern teams run the offenses noted above, on the defensive side the train is several stations ahead of Carr and his coaches.


Peacock said...

I thought this site covered the Gators. Guess not.

Henry Gomez said...


Stay tuned for the 3 page disection of Florida's win over Troy.


Anonymous said...

Your right Carr's days at Michigan appear numbered. Do ya really think Les Miles would bolt for Ann Arbor as they are saying he would given the chance? Some of those fans up there have mixed feelings about him ever returning. The Big Ten can always recruit coaches from all those other smaller colleges they have up there. Luckily can't see Urban heading back north anytime soon as long as Tressel is at OSU and he'd never be a Wolverine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Peacock, everyone's fair game here.

So much for "Bitch" Albom at the Detroit Free Press and the rest of the Meatchicken fans whining over not being selected to play for the NC last season - hell, at the rate they're going THIS year they'll be awfully damn lucky to beat Notre Dame!