Saturday, September 15, 2007


...better than Cal (59-20 overTennessee versus 45-31).

Texas, not impressive (35-32 over UCF)

Nor Wisconsin (14 point win over Division I-A Citadel).

UCLA way over rated (44-6 loss to Utah. Yeah, that is correct).

Auburn just plain tragic (19-14 loss at home against Mississippi State).

And Notre Dame -arguably the worst team in all Division I-A football at 0-3, with 79 total yards offense against Michigan, and still not a single offensive touchdown in 3 games.

Show me a worse resume than the Irish.

Gonna be some moves in the BlogPoll

(From Gainesville)


jimcaserta said...

Did Tuberville get 'Croomed? Can they fly Petrino in again for a secret meeting?

Anonymous said...

AWESOME game by the Gators on Saturday; they need to keep this momentum going into Oxford this Saturday and going forward. They did make a few mistakes; these can be improved on in practice (notice I'm avoiding the "Zookism"). Can this team make another run for the NC? Right now I'll be bold enough to say YES; but, they need to keep the intensity of their play at the level it's at right now, not make stupid mistakes that could turn out ot be costly and get overcomplacent. We're ranked #3 in the polls right now, and we're playing like a #3 ranked team or even BETTER than that.

Let's move on, avenge two losses under moRon Zook and

GO GATORS!!!!!!!!