Saturday, September 29, 2007

Congrats Tigers

I'm going to go drown my sorrows.


GatorBait said...

I hear ya.

The worst is when I was having a leasurely breakfast at my favorite morning hangout... a cute little girl, aged 2.5 came in wearing an Auburn cheerleader outfit.


Anonymous said...

IT'S ONLY GONNA GET WORSE FOR GATOR FANS now that the BULLS RULE FLORIDA as the best team in the state! We beat Auburn and you couldn't. We had 67,018 watching friday's game. We've copied every SEC recruting trick in the book, lowering our standards enough to even allow Egyptian terrorists into the classrooms and had our graduate students teaching them about explosive materials. We knocked White on his ass like we'd take out Tebow or have Ahmed Mohamed do it for us...we're crazy like that! BULLS RULE!!!!

Henry Gomez said...

Lol, Anon,

LeftLeaningLady said...

Wow, you held off a while. I think I was drinking by 8:30. Ok, I KNOW I was drinking by 8:30 (eastern). Drinking and praying... "anybody but auburn, anybody but auburn, i am prepared to lose to LSU, but NOT auburn.". Oh, well, maybe I will go hit the sauce again now.

Anonymous said...

Anon, take your smack to a USF board or blog. We don't need more salt rubbed in our wounds now.

As far as our Gators, we were asking for trouble in the first half with the penalties and playing the Auburn receivers too soft. Those two penalties by Jamar Hornsby and Maurkice Pouncey wereunnecessary, and Meyer was so pissed over that Pouncey personal foul that he benched him for the remainder of the game.

Our pass rush was a little better as we picked up some sacks on Brandon Cox, but as far as the secondary play it still needs improvement (however I will give props to Joe Haden for his effort!) I'd still like to see us start forcing some turnovers/INT as we did last year, though.

Tebow needs to start spreading the ball around to his receivers; if he relies too much on Harvin he becomes predictable for opposing defenses. That one INT he threw wasn't 100% his fault; once again Riley Cooper turned his back on Tebow and didn't follow through on his route, forcing the turnover. It was the SECOND time Cooper made the same mistake, and he needs to fix that ASAP.

We gave a comeback rally our best shot in the 2nd half, and if we could have forced Auburn into a 4th-down punt or to turn the ball over on downs we could havbe forced the game into OT and perhaps salvaged a win. Hopefully our kids learned a lesson - penalties and mistakes can and WILL be costly.

I'll tell you one thing - the shit will hit the fan this week in the Gator locker room after all the tears ahve been shed and the rants aired out.. Anybody could tell by Meyer's facial expressions that he was beyond pissed.

Mergz said...

"We had 67,018 watching friday's game."

That's almost as many as we have at our Spring Game. About 25,000 more and you will have what we do when we play patsy teams.

But you got the "U" beat there!

Congrats to the Bulls. I ranked you third.