Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sagarin vs. Vegas, Weekly Results

For an explanation of the Sagarin System I am using, click this link. Vegas spreads are from Pinnacle Sports and are published here.

This week's results:

Alabama At Florida State
Vegas Favorite: FSU -2
Sagarin suggested: A lean toward the Tide, take Bama and the 2 points
Result: Bama lost and did not cover, -$110
Auburn at Florida
Vegas Favorite: Florida -17.5
Sagarin suggested: Take the Gators and lay the 17.5 points
Result: Auburn wins outright, -$110

California at Oregon

Vegas Favorite: Oregon -6.5
Sagarin suggested: A slight lean toward Oregon laying the 6.5 points
Result: Cal wins outright, -$110

Penn State at Illinois
Vegas Favorite: PSU -3.0
Sagarin suggested: Take the underdog Zookheads and the 3 points
Result: Illinois wins outright, +$100

Air Force at Navy
Vegas Favorite: Navy -2.5
Sagarin suggested: Take underdog Air Force and the 2.5 points Vegas will give you.
Result: Navy wins and covers, -$110
Results this week: We would have gone 1-4 and lost $340 if we would have taken the advice of Sagarin's computer.

Year to date results: We would be 6-14 for the season or $940 in the hole if we followed the advice dispensed by "Hal 9000"

Sagarin's "PREDICTOR" ratings are proving to be quite reliable if you bet against them. If we would have chosen the other side of each recommendation we'd be 14-6 and $740 up. Maybe there IS a way to beat Vegas using Sagarin.

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