Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tales of a Blogpoll Rookie

Well I sure messed that up.

Being a new Blogpoller, I didn’t really understand what was involved. My poll was merely the result of a talent-recruiting model I had created, as I firmly believe preseason polls are not only crap, they are purposeful bias that is used to influence which teams actually get to play for the “national” title at year’s end.

Polls are a way of keeping the little man down.

That said, I am eagerly anticipating my participation in the Blogpoll.

The Blogpoll Roundtable Roundup shows the thought that went into most voters’ polls. It also answers a question I had – “What exactly ARE we voting for?”

Apparently, we are voting for whom we think is the “best” team (as opposed to who can win the “national championship”).

I also screwed up, rookie that I am, by posting my comments in the wrong section of the Roundtable. Not that my comments were particularly useful, mostly I waxed on about the limitations of polls. Nothing I said would have influenced anyone’s vote.

I certainly don’t think my poll is a list of the best 25 teams. The problem is, I don’t think that me, or anyone else, can tell who the best 25 teams are right now. For example, the Sunday Morning Quarterback left me a reasonably persuasive argument (in comments) that Notre Dame is not a top 25 team. He is probably right.

I think.

So what to do with my “Week 2” final preseason poll? Stand pat with my convictions that all forecasting and opinion of games not yet played is useless, and use my talent-recruiting model again?

Or do I change my voting based on the reasonable arguments presented?

Or, finally, something else entirely different?

I have until 10 AM tomorrow.


NoleCC said...


I'll be honest with you, congrats on getting in, but I think it's a big pretentious P.O.S. that strives to be no better than the AP or Coaches Poll. I understand it's an attempt to be legit, but it just comes off as a "bunch of guys trying to be important" to me most of the time.

That said, I'll check in to see how you're voting. :)

jimcaserta said...

Here's their preseason blogpoll from last year:

ND #5
Miami #9
FSU #13
in the ARV
Arkansas 2 points, Boise St. 0.4, Rutgers 0.1
Wake Forest - nowhere to be found

College football is the only sport where polls matter, and the polls aren't worth much.

Spurrier's goals were always about winning something the Gators had 100% control over - SEC East & the SEC. There's too much opinion in most polls and too little talk of what actually happens on the field.

But...your poll method is at least as good as any - stick with it.

Gator Duck said...

Stick to your guns, Mergz. Your analyses, in my eyes, make sense to this Gator.