Monday, August 20, 2007

Saurian Sagacity Top 25

We are a "selector" now.

And as such, all previously written material critical of polls is hereby to be ignored.

In all seriousness, we are humbly honored to be selected as a voting member of the “Blog Poll”. Our initial top 25 for 2007 is –

1 Southern Cal 25
2 Florida 24
3 Georgia 23
4 Texas 22
5 Michigan 21
6 LSU 20
7 Tennessee 19
8 Oklahoma 18
9 Florida State 17
10 Miami (Florida) 16
11 Ohio State 15
12 Auburn 14
13 Penn State 13
14 Notre Dame 12
15 California 11
16 Alabama 10
17 Texas A&M 9
18 South Carolina 8
19 West Virginia 7
20 Nebraska 6
21 North Carolina 5
22 UCLA 4
23 Virginia Tech 3
24 Clemson 2
25 Oregon 1

Dropped Out:

Now before anyone goes and gets their panties in a snit about the rankings above, know one thing very well –

I think preseason polls are a ridiculous exercise of pure folly.

How did I arrive at the above? Well, if you might recall some of my previous work, I have kept a running tally of the accumulated 4 years recruited talent of all Division I teams. The rankings here are merely a listing of those tallies in order from best to 25th.

Unlike the “real” polls, I plan on making my rankings reasonably “active”. If someone is playing well, and someone else is not – especially in the early season – look for the rankings to change. If you are a top rated team, you will need to play like it.

I am looking forward to participating in the Blog Poll, and seeing if (or when) criticism comes, I can take what I dish out.


Scotty #13 said...

The criteria you use for preseason ranking doesn't take into consideration the attrition, recruiting busts, and non-qualifiers which would drop at least a couple of those teams substantially. However, it's preseason, so who cares.

On a happier note, I'm sure ND will prove themselves unworthy of that top 25 ranking very early in the season!

It will be interesting to see how your ranking system pans out throuhout the season.

Mergz said...


Excellent points all.

I didn't want to create a list that was merely a mirror of the AP or coaches polls. However, whenever I tried to be "impartial", other's opinions crept into my thinking.

So I just went with this.

But as you say, its preseason, so who really cares. If it were up to me, polling would begin the first week of October.

Unknown said...

OH geez you guys are Blogpollers now? I thought you were better than that. ;-)

Mergz said...

nolecc -

Selling out was easier than even I could have dreamed.