Monday, August 20, 2007

Gamecock Smack Talk

Circular Reasoning Leads to Conclusion Spurrier Owns Himself

T Kyle King over at takes issue with some twisted logic coming out of the keyboard of Cock & Fire’s (South Carolina) Brandon.

In reading the back and forth exchanges between Brandon and Doug Gillett of, the following by Brandon in support of his Gamecocks struck this Gator fan as interesting –

"If you want to use games from the early 1990s or the 1980s to prove your point, that's fine. Five words for you: Steve Spurrier versus Ray Goff.

The "discernible evidence" boils down to the statistical evidence that eventually, the bounces go back your way, the luck of the other guy runs out. It's called reversion to the mean. On the other hand, 15-of-17 -- now that's getting owned."
So, those wins over the Dawgs in the 1990’s don’t belong to Florida, they belong to Spurrier. They must have transferred with him when he went to the NFL.

Apparently, since the current Garnet & Black version of The Visor has yet to beat the Bulldogs, Gamecock fans feel entitled to cite Spurrier’s success as the Florida head football coach in any discussion of their rivalry (such that it is )with Georgia.

Of course, by this same logic, one must remember that Florida was undefeated against South Carolina during the Spurrier era. Since evidently records follow Spurrier, the current head coach of the Gamecocks owns the Gamecocks.

Taking it one step farther, Spurrier in essence owns himself.

All-in-all, I feel much better about that loss in Columbia two years ago now. Had I known it was merely Spurrier beating Florida, rather than South Carolina, it wouldn’t have bother me as much.

In fact, seeing as Spurrier still considers himself a Gator, he was in essence beating himself.

And as everyone knows, no one can beat a coach who beats himself.

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jimcaserta said...

I was at the SC game in 2005 and it did feel different losing to Spurrier. He's definitely the godfather of the Gator program and I don't think it's possible to separate him from UF. Tailgating in Columbia, the one thing that every SC fan said was 'we love Spurrier'. Is there a cockier coach in the SEC or all of college football? The fans seems to like having a coach that matches their attitude, is no-nonsense, and delivers some big wins.