Thursday, August 23, 2007

History’s Greatest Beatdowns

David Schoenfield of compiles a very funny list of the 100 greatest beatdowns in history. Florida football is mentioned in 3 –

5. 1996 Fiesta Bowl: Undefeated Nebraska wipes out undefeated Florida 62-24, rolling up 624 total yards, to win the national title.

38. Florida versus Ohio State, 2007.

52. 1997 Sugar Bowl: Florida avenges a loss from earlier in the season by beating Florida State 52-20 to capture its first national title.

It is interesting to note that in its 3 “national title” games, Florida is 117 – 96, for an average of 39 points for, 32 points against.

Other humorous “beatdowns” from Schoenfield –

14. Sonny at the tollbooth.

43. Reagan versus Mondale, 1984.

62. The Indians versus Custer at Little Bighorn, 1876.

77. The NFL versus Ryan Leaf.

That last one is just plain mean.

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Johnny said...

Hmmm, I was looking for the Sugar Bowl from the '93 season. I can still see Darrin Studstill looking out of his ear hole in my mind. Welcome to the Blogpoll.