Thursday, August 23, 2007

Da logic of da fans of da U

Yesterday I was driving home from work listening to sports radio 560 WQAM in Miami, which happens to be the flagship station of da U. And this one caller would have made me shoot milk out of nose if I had been drinking milk. He said that the athletic director and president of da U had made a big mistake in moving Canes games away from the Orange Bowl and to Dolphin Stadium because although they say they did it for the money they would actually lose money. His theory, you see, is that by losing the "home field advantage" that the OB gives da U, the Hurricanes were bound to lose at least one more home game per season resulting in the school being invited to inferior bowls and therefore losing incremental bowl money.

Not only has this guy bought into the idea that he and his 20,000 buddies literally are the 12th man, he sees the OB as unique magical place away from which their contribution will not count. Forget about the fact that bowl money is split 12 ways equally among the members of da U's conference and that if they lose to conference opponent their loss is the other team's win and therefore, by his logic, that team will get a better bowl bid.

Thankfully, the hosts scoffed at his theory and moved on to the next caller before I stopped at the convenience store to buy some milk.

Image shamelessly lifted from EDSBS, who in turn lifted it from someone else and has more on the impending doom of the Orange Bowl.

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