Friday, August 31, 2007

The collective wisdom... stupid.

Appalachian State quarterback Armanti Edwards
dives over Michigan 's defense to score the
Mountaineers' fourth touchdown of the game Saturday.

In a shocking upset, the Appalachian State Mountaineers beat the Michigan Wolverines. It's interesting that ASU is the defending Champion of what was formerly known as a Division 1AA where the championship is actually determined by a playoff. If you'll remember 8 months ago the pundits, including a hyperventilating Kirk Herbsteit, were trying to sell us on the idea that Michigan was the number 2 team in the country. This year, going in, Michigan was ranked 5th. If this doesn't convince you that championships need to be determined on the field rather than by a popular vote, nothing will.

Photo Credit John T. Greilick / The Detroit News


Jason said...


Anonymous said...

even though Michigan lost all their defense from last year and shouldn't have even been ranked top ten, this game was amazing and likely to become known as one of the greatest college games ever played. books will be written about this game ..can you believe it?..gotta love it... an amazing game to watch, this is what college ball is all about..the Mountaineers are for real...screw the pundits, they belong in the top ten.

Henry Gomez said...

Jason, ROFL.

The irony is that the Mountaineers don't need to please anyone. They don't need to get votes in a poll. They have a playoff in their division and all they have to do is keep winning.

Jason said...

This is very true, but their ability to do what they just did speaks volumes about the talent level of the team, regardless of how they do in their playoffs.

Henry Gomez said...

Jason, Absolutely. My point was to anonymous. We are big advocates for a playoff here at Saurian Sagacity. The conclusion I draw from this game is that you can't annoint teams champions. You have to play the games. A team like ASU is battle tested and very talented. They proved that two years in a row by winning a true championship...the kind I'd like to see in Division 1A.