Monday, January 01, 2007

Man versus Machine, Updated

Going in to yesterday's games I was 14-6 picking the bowl games straight up and the machine (Sagarin's "predictor" rankings) was 15-5.

First in the Smurf turf bowl that was played yesterday I had Miami and the Machine had Nevada. So for a brief moment, after Miami won, man and machine were tied for game-picking supremacy at 15-6. But alas, I had a terrible day today. One in which my SEC bias got the better of me. The SEC bias also apparently crept into the machine's circuit boards because it picked 2 of the 3 SEC teams playing today.

The Machine picked Nebraska, Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia and USC, going 2-3 in the process.

Meanwhile I picked Auburn, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas and MICHIGAN. Yes I got sucked into all the hype about Michigan and thought they'd come out with their hair on fire for supposedly getting snubbed by the BCS. It turns out that in the fraud bowl they were the more fraudulent team. Thanks for nothing Wolverines. That's 2-3 for Man as well.

Overall results to date:

Machine: 17-9

Man: 17-9

So I'm tied with the machine and there's 6 more games to play.

My picks for those games are: Oklahoma, Louisville, LSU, Cincinnati, Southern Miss, and Florida (of course). The Machine has selected all of the same teams except Florida (of course).

So it all rides on the BCS Championship to see who rules the Bowl-picking universe, Man or Machine.

For the sake of all mankind, Go Gators!

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JJ Gator said...

At least the SEC won one yesterday as Auburn beat Nebraska in a close one. Disappointed in Arkansas; too many mistakes cost them that game against Wisconsin in the Cap One.

Picked USC over Meatchicken; happy the Men from Troy won. Picked Penn State to upset UcheaT, which they did. Picked West Virginis over Ga Tech (the Mountaineers won); had the Sooners over Boise State which they lost in OT.