Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saurian Sagacity Bowl Challenge Update

Saturday’s 3 games are “in the books”, with results below. To see the format of our scoring, click here.

Here are the results –

2nd tier ACC (Boston College) beats 3rd tier Independent (Navy) – ACC +2

1st tier Big 12 (Texas) beats 3rd tier Big 10 (Iowa) – Big 12 +1

3rd tier SEC (Georgia) beats 1st tier ACC (Virginia Tech) – SEC +5

The Georgia result was really a surprise, even to this SEC fan. Va Tech boasted the nation’s number 1 defense, but their errors on offense led to big scoring by UGA. In any event, you have team ranked 15th in the BCS losing to an unranked, 4 loss SEC team (that lost to Vandy and Kentucky, no less).

So, the current standings are -

ACC = 9

Big 10 = 0

Big 12 = 7

Big East = 4

Pac 10 = 2

SEC = 10

We will update again after New Year's day action.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Wow, the SEC took a big kick in the nuts today, courtesy of the BIG Ten. How about some updated standings?