Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sagarin versus Vegas, Update

Note: This post has been updated to account for a transcription error. You will see strike through text where the changes have been made.

In the Sagarin versus Vegas challenge, if you were using Sagarin's "Predictor" ratings to inform your investments as I suggested in this this post you would have bet on the following teams today's Bowls.

Boston College -6 points
Texas -9 points
Virginia Tech -2.5 points

Well, Boston College won but didn't cover. That's -$110 for the Sag-meister.
Texas also turned in a "win, no cover". That's another -$110.
And Virginia Tech lost outright. -$110.

So after a phenomenal day yesterday (+500) (+390) that left me, and others, wondering if it could be so easy to make money in Vegas using freely available information from Sagarin, the computer has come back down to earth.

So after 8 games in the challenge (5 winners and 3 losers) (4 winners and 4 losers), we would be up $170 down $40.

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