Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bowl stock up, stock down

While we are running a separate Saurian Sagacity Bowl Challenge, let us take a moment to reflect on the relatively poor results for the Pac Ten and Big Ten thus far.

While the Pac Ten scored a big win with Cal’s 45 – 10 rout of Texas A&M, and a narrow victory with Oregon State’s last second win over 8-4 Missouri, the conference was thoroughly undressed with the losses of Oregon, Arizona State and UCLA by a combined score of 123 -59. Overall, the Pac Ten has been outscored 171-143 in 5 games. (By contrast, in 13 games this season, Florida surrendered only 175 points).

Will the Big Ten join the Pac Ten in this building?

The Big Ten finds itself off to a 0-3 start with its narrow losses of Iowa to Texas, and Minnesota to Texas Tech, and a pretty convincing beat of Purdue by Maryland. However, unlike the Pac Ten with a single game remaining (and a best possible record of .500), the Big Ten has 4 games remaining.

The SEC is off to a great start with 3 wins, and 1 narrow loss by coachless Alabama. With Kentucky’s sound beating of Clemson, and Georgia laying 31 points against the nation’s number one defense in Virginia Tech, suddenly Florida’s “non-stylish” wins over these two teams look far more in vogue.

Which brings us to the match ups every SEC-Big Ten fan is waiting to see – Tennessee versus Penn State, Arkansas versus Wisconsin, and of course Florida against Ohio State. Head to head, the SEC against the Big Ten. We can count that the outcomes of these games will further fan the flames of the Michigan-Florida debate.

Of course, the “We beat Notre Dame Bowl”; formerly-known-as-the-granddaddy-of-them-all Rose Bowl, looms between USC and Michigan. And, the supposed “best 2 loss team on the planet” and “winner of the ESPN faux national championship” LSU faces those same Golden Domers in the Sugar Bowl.

Let the arguments begin.


KG said...

By the time the SEC went 3-1 (UGA over VT) the Big 10 was already 0-3 since Iowa lost to Texas in the preceeding game.

Arizona State and Oregon are bad. Oregon was blown out in 3 of their last 4 games by 25, 27 and 30 points and lost their last 4. Arizona State only lost one or their six games by 7 points. The others were 28, 35, 34, 12 and 17 point losses.

Even UCLA has been on the wrong side of several blowouts but I expected a much more competitive game due to their defense.

Pointing out that Oregon and Arizona State would lose in blowouts is like pointing out that a French army was routed on a battlefield. It's sort of expected.

threadogg said...

Looks like the top Big Ten teams are actually very strong this year compared to the SEC. Big Ten 2nd tier Wisconsin is holding it's own against SEC powerhouse Arkansas. Little Penn State whipped Tenn.

Mike said...

Hey threadogg, stay tuned. Gators fans have a passion for spinning stats and numbers to suit their argument. You get bet after today's events, the spin control will be full steam ahead.

The only stat that matters is wins and losses and at last check, the SEC is looking at a big goose egg against the Big Ten with one mismatch left to play.

Happy New Year SEC fans, be careful what you wish for... HAHA!