Friday, December 29, 2006

Man versus Machine, Part 2

We're tracking quite a few things here involving Sagarin. Stay with me. This is me vs. Sagarin "predictor" ratings straight up.

Going into today's 5 games Sagarin was 9-3 and I was 7-5.

Here's today's games.

I picked Kentucky and Sagarin picked Clemson. Kentucky won

Oregon State/Missouri
I picked Oregon State and Sagarin did too. Oregon State won.

Houston/South Carolina
I picked South Carolina and Sagarin did too. South Carolina won.

Texas Tech/Minnesota
I picked Texas Tech and Sagarin did too. Texas Tech won.

I picked Maryland and Sagarin did too. Maryland won.

So after 17 games I'm 12-5 straight up and Sagarin is 13-4.

Not bad for a biased and flawed human being. We'll keep you posted.

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