Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bowl Challenge Update

Friday’s 5 bowl games brought the following results –

3rd tier SEC (Kentucky) beats 3rd tier ACC (Clemson) – SEC +3

2nd tier Pac Ten (Oregon State) beats 3rd tier Big 12 (Missouri) – Pac 10 +2

3rd tier ACC (Maryland) beats 3rd tier Big 10 (Purdue) – ACC +3

3rd tier SEC (South Carolina) beats 1st tier Conference USA (Houston) – SEC +2

3rd tier Big 12 (Texas Tech) beats 3rd tier Big 10 (Minnesota) - +3 Big 12

Making our current results -

ACC = 7

Big 10 = 0

Big 12 = 6

Big East = 4

Pac 10 = 2

SEC = 5

The ACC has been surprisingly strong so far, with FSU's win over UCLA, and Maryland's domination of Purdue.

Tune in tomorrow for more updates.

For information on the format of our challenge, see here.


Anonymous said...

I'm as big of an SEC homer as the next guy, but isn't the competition only between BCS conferences? If so, the S. Carolina's victory over Houston shouldn't count towards the overall standings.

Mergz said...

I agree, so in cases of non BCS conferences, we changed the scoring. In all non-BCS conferences, the teams were 1st tier in their conference, because only top non BCS conference teams got bowl bids (Houston was tops in their conference). However, while South Carolina would have gotten 5 points for beating a top tier BCS team, it got only 2, the award for any non BCS opponent. If you LOSE to a non BCS opponent, you get a point deducted, as the Pac 10 has now done 2 times.