Monday, December 25, 2006

Kirk Herbstreit's Dumbass quote of the day

Guys, I'm allowed to change my opinion, reevaluate based on things I see. I thought West Virginia before they lost to South Florida, they deserved serious consideration.

-Kirk Herbstreit


Anonymous said...

You forgot the second half of the quote:

But you guys that moved Florida ahead of Michigan after the SECCG aren't allowed to reevaluate. You guys are dicks.

Anonymous said...

You Southerners sure do whine alot!

Henry Gomez said...

Whine? No, wer'e laughing our asses off. We're the ones going to the big game. It's the Michigan fans that are whining because they couldn't ride their one game losing streak into the National Championship to face off against the team that had just beaten them.

What I'm doing is ridiculing the ridiculous.