Sunday, December 24, 2006

Taking it for granted

Ohio State may be setting the standard for taking the January 8th game for granted.

I was reading an article about the Gator's total domination of the Buckeye basketball team on ESPN, when I saw a link at the bottom of the story that left me speechless.

Remember, this was an article about the Gators routing the Buckeyes. About how their much touted big man Oden was made to look very, well, freshman like.

What was the link? Well, click on this.

Notice the offer is non-refundable. I bet getting one of those "2-4 weeks" after the Buckeyes lose might be a bit of a sore point.

Meyer and the coaches don't need a bulletin board - they need a billboard.


POJO_Risin said...

Don't mistake who's "taking it for granted." If you think Jim Tressel and the OSU Buckeyes will "take it for granted," than you know nothing about Tressel, or this Buckeye team.

Post your billboard. If the Gators are going to rely on that to get up for a national title'll have a long day indeed...

Mergz said...

Great blog pojo - and I like the picture of Jim Mo there (I assume that is Jim, or his twin).

I doubt Jim Tressel is taking anything for granted. But a lot of OSU fans are. I suppose that is one luxury that separates fans from coaches and players.

The OSU fans I ran into in Gainesville were absolutely obnoxious. Because I don't have an "impression" of Ohio State, I was totally shocked. I expected something different, because I think Tressel is a class act, and I also thought Troy Smith's Heisman acceptance speech was the best I had heard. In essence, I thought OSU fans were going to be of the classy sort.

The group that came to Gainesville was very disappointing. Now, I know better than to generalize fan behavior, and I am sure most OSU fans are a class act. But the group that came to Gainesville must have been your dregs, and they succeed in getting me fired up for both Saturday's game and January 8th in a whole different manner - I started to dislike the opponent for the first time.

Pre-selling national championship papers has much of the same effect.

Mike said...

"Pre-selling national championship papers has much of the same effect"

Please Mergz, show me where it says they are national championship editions. Let me save you the trouble looking, it doesn't. It's the January 9th edition only. Had you done some research, you would have realized the Dispatch took a ton of grief for stocking the paper machines with the same amount of editions they do for a regular day, leaving a lot of people without a keepsake, so they are trying to avoid such an event again IF we win the game. Nowhere does it say they would be a championship edition. Guess those facts seem to escape you in all of your anguish over meeting "bad" Buckeye fans last week.

Trust me, in my 28 years of living in the Tampa area, I have run into my fair share of Florida idiots, especially after the '96 Mulligan Bowl win. But I wouldn't expect someone of your "stature" to let some unruly fans get under your skin enough to cause you to make shit up.

Whatever keeps you people believing you have a chance I guess...

Henry Gomez said...

They show a paper that says "Champs" on it. I know, it's an old one, but why would they put it there? The assumption is that the game is over.

Mike said...

Once again, that's your perception. The ad even says "last time they played for the national championship" not "the last time they won" it so you are clearly reaching for something that isn't there.

So, my question to you is, if their intent was to remind folks of how quickly they sold out last time, what paper would you suggest they use in the ad as a reminder? The 1968 edition? How about 1954?

It looks to me like the intent of the blog was to motivate Gators fans, and I totally fine with that, but don't make shit up. That's all I ask.