Thursday, December 10, 2009

Huge Coaching News

Word came to me tonight that Billy Gonzales is no longer part of the Florida football staff. He has chosen to move over to Baton Rouge and join LSU's coaching staff. Coach Gonzales was not only the Wide Receivers coach but also the Recruiting Coordinator. This move will have a huge effect on this year's class - speculation has already begun that WR Kenny Stills will no longer be a part of this year's class.

I have also heard that this will not be the only change, since Coach Meyer was upset with the direction that the offense has taken and upset with the attitudes of some on the staff. Word is that Coach Meyer wants to get back to his roots of razzle dazzle, chucking the ball all over the field. This could possibly lead to the Gators having a new offensive coordinator next year.

Let the speculation begin on who the replacement will be.

The first name that comes to mind for me is Mike Sanford. Sanford was the OC at Utah and was recently fired from UNLV where he was the head coach.


Andrew said...

This might actually be helpful. I was beginning to sense Meyer needed some prodding to change up the offensive staff. This might just do the trick. As much as it may hurt us short term, a good hire now could really do us good.

Scully said...

I totally agree. I think it is apparent that Meyer saw the same things the fans saw.

Ethan said...

I know this is somewhat unrelated to this post, but could we get some power rankings post-championship week? I like to know who I should root for, you know.