Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Befuddle me this...

By now everyone knows that Charlie Weis is out at Notre Dame. Have there ever been more expectations placed upon a coach that didn't deliver than those placed on Weis? Well maybe. Those Illinois fans sure thought the "master recruiter" was the answer to their woes, but it was a totally different situation.

When I heard that the good fathers at Notre Dame decided to give Charlie the axe, my mind went back to October of 2006. It was during that month that Charlie was complaining about the polls.

"One of the teams [Tennessee] that jumped us had the same game that we had. They're down, they're playing at home and they win by a field goal," Weis said Tuesday. "Another team [Florida] that jumped us wasn't even playing. They were home eating cheeseburgers and they end up jumping us. That befuddles me."

"Tell me how that works?" Weis said. "Maybe I'm just stupid. Tell me how that works?"

In the Sugar Bowl that year Notre Dame got trounced by LSU (41-14), a team Florida beat on it's way to the BCSCG. Since then Notre Dame has taken several steps backwards and Florida is on the verge of playing for a third BCS Sham-pionship in four years.

Well, look on the bright side Charlie. You have plenty of time and money to buy those cheeseburgers that seemed to help Florida win.


Jams said...

Just a note: Notre Dame didn't play OSU that season. They played them in the Fiesta Bowl in 05 (the previous season).

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Duly noted and corrected. I misread an earlier post I had done on this subject.