Thursday, August 27, 2009

One more week.

That makes Two people that have picked a Florida vs. Notre Dame BCS Title Game. Lou Holtz made the same prediction last week. Interestingly enough neither Beano nor Lou think Notre Dame is one of the top two teams. If this happens it is possible that Florida fans are more obnoxious that Ohio State fans were in 2006 - something no one thought possible. Coincidentally that hint of cooking bacon in the air is Charlie Weis on the hot seat.

Bryce Brown is eligible, for now.

The hearing date for FSU’s academic fraud case has been set for November 15, 2009.

Usually when people jump ship this fast in Miami the wet foot/dry foot law comes into play.

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Anonymous said...

Proof that Beano Cook is not very intelligent

If you could watch just one regular-season game all year, what would it be?

Beano Cook (3:57 PM)
Florida at LSU on the night of Oct. 10...


Beano Cook (4:07 PM)
... But if I could be at any game, it would be VT-Alabama...