Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Odds and Ends

Munroe injures knee, but apparently it is not related to the ACL injury from last year. In the same article it mentions that the offensive line starters are not set. In my opinion the offensive line played its best with Carl Johnson playing left guard, makes you wonder if Meyer not naming Johnson a starter is coach-speak or lack of effort out of Johnson.

During an interview with a Birmingham, AL radio Gary Danielson was asked which SEC he would feel most confident with after Tim Tebow and Jevan Snead. His answer was John Brantley. ‘Bama and Dawg fans had to love to hear that, since they love to say that Urban Meyer will be nothing once Tebow graduates.

More from Danielson – he thinks Georgia will be the surprise team in the SEC this year (likens Cox to David Greene), and that Florida will have a more difficult time repeating then the 2002 Miami team or the 2005 USC team because of the fact that Florida plays in the nation’s elite conference.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Ron Zook might not like it but the fact of the matter is he had no control over the locker room or the players and it was reflected by the team’s play and off the field behavior. Zook’s current players have been quoted saying that they want to do well this year to prove that Zook’s first year wasn’t a fluke.

Matt Patchan has all but locked up the starting left tackle job. Think about how amazing that is for one second. Patchan spent all of last year playing defensive end, now he is projected to start on the o-line.

Will Hill is going to start this year. It isn’t official yet, but I expect Hill to be starting at safety by the Tennessee game – my guess is that Major Wright will lose his starting role.

‘Bama fans have got to be sweating bullets about the story involving Julio Jones and Mark Ingram. Publicly the word is that Jones and Ingram went on a fishing trip with someone that may or may not have been affiliated with the program, the word behind the scenes is that some footballs were autographed for cash. Those of us who aren’t ‘Bama fans sure do appreciate the enthusiasm of their boosters.

Tennessee best offensive weapon, Gerald Jones, will miss 3-6 weeks with the dreaded high-ankle sprain. And the winner of the Tennessee quarterback battle is……Jonathan Crompton.

South Carolina recently had players involved in incidents at 3:00am and 4:30am. Word is that this is Spurrier’s last year in Columbia. With a roster that isn’t full of players committed to winning, who can blame him.

Today's question - which college team (year and school) had a roster that ended up making 63 pro-bowls?

Finally, 11 days until kickoff!


Scotty #13 said...

Matt Patchan was playing DT last year, actually...

Carl Johnson has stated in the past that he wants to play OT (my guess is because it gives you a bigger paycheck in the NFL)...this could explain a lack of enthusiasm for the OG position he was so good at last year...

Should be a fun year, I'm ready

Tim said...

I think Hot Carl is assured of a starting spot, they're just not sure where it'll be. That's why the starting 5 isn't set.

jj gator said...

One of moRon Zook's biggest problems is his inability and refusal to accept constructive criticism - that wussyass thinks everybody's out to get him. Hey, he needs to take accountability for what went wrong from 2002-04, whether he likes it ot not. What a fucking loser.

Mike said...

Now this is the kinda G2 I'm talkin' about. We need the guys with the inside poop (like you dudes) to enlighten us as you've just done. Thanks for the interesting news.