Thursday, February 05, 2009

Was Al Davis the Sane One?

After Raider's owner Al Davis fired Lane Kiffin this past September the Oakland owner held a press conference in which he made a series of unsavory accusations about Kiffin.

At the time I assumed - like many did - that it was simply more of the rantings of a formerly great NFL owner.

After Kiffin's latest public comments in which he has purposefully - perhaps slanderously - tweaked everyone from Meyer to Spurrier to Saban, one has to wonder what the hell Kiffin is up to.

I love the fierce rivalries of the SEC, and Kiffin's latest is gasoline to the flame. It's going to be mighty hot in Gainesville come that 3rd game in September.


jj gator said...

Not only is Kiffin an asshole, after reading that article he's a poser, too.

Let's see how long he'll be singing Rocky Top if he can't win games there; the fans will be calling for his head at the drop of a hat - that, or they'll be wishing that they never fired Fulmer in the first place.

jj gator said...
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