Friday, January 09, 2009

How many?

Would the columnists and pundits and talking heads that were so willing to give Ron Zook credit for the 2006 BCS Championship team at Florida please now stand up and remind us how many of the current Gator championship squad were recruited by the Zooker.


Another lame argument bit the dust this season. Zook, when left to his own devices, coaches teams in a backward direction. Meyer does the opposite. He takes individuals (and pardon the cliche) makes them worth more than the simple sum of their parts.


Chris said...

Thank goodness none of those Zook "devices" have lead to probation.


I think Illinois will get burned bad one day. No way in hell does he cleanly pull in that many solid recruits to an otherwise horrible football program.

JD said...

Lee Corso didn't make the point exactly, but said of Meyer, "Last time he won with Ron Zook's players, but this time, these were all his players." Or something to that effect.

jj gator said...

Now MAYBE this win last night will shut the Zook apologists up once and for all.....