Friday, January 09, 2009

Florida Uber Alles

WARNING: This post contains graphic and extreme amounts of boastfulness, and the sensitive may want to turn away now.

Sam Bradford Would be the 5th Best Quarterback in the SEC

Can they take back Heismans?

No, really. Last night Bradford had a passer rating of 122.41, easily his lowest effort of the season (and 64.8 points worse than his Texas loss). The average QB ratings of the top 4 SEC quarterbacks are –

Tebow (Florida) – 172.40
Stafford (Georgia) – 153.54
Snead (Ole Miss) – 145.50
Dick (Arkansas) – 122.45

So Bradford is not even as good as Dick. And Dick’s don’t win Heisman’s, at least not in the SEC.

Defense – Still Winning Championships.

How the Sooners might have gone winless in conference

Oklahoma was held to 14 points in Miami, a mere 40 points lower than their seasonal average. Had the lame slate of Big 12 foes Oklahoma played this year held the Sooners to 14 points a game (or, in any game), Oklahoma would have gone 0-8 in the Big 12 during the regular season, losing even to Baylor 17-14. (For the season they would have been 3-9.)

Moreover, the Sooner’s 363 yards total offense was 179 yards less than their seasonal average.

So the oft blogged about prevalence of defense winning championships continues. As they say, WE saw it coming.


Our best is better than your best. Always.

With three BCS titles in a row the SEC now moves to 5-0 in BCS title games, having won 45% of all BCS titles awarded (5 of 11). No other conference is remotely close, in fact no other conference even has a winning record in BCS title games, much less a perfect one.

Time and again the best of the SEC is better than anyone else.

Hey Georgia…

… wasn’t this supposed to be yours this season?

The Clowns are Down


As we were leaving the game a friend reminded me that we were now up one “national” championship on that Clown College to the north on I-10. With that – and a five game Gator win streak – we hope Bobby stays with you a long, long, long time.

At Least It Was Competitive

Q: Take the Big Ten winner out of the BCS Title game and what do you get?

A: An actual game.

Big 12 Mythology


The “super” conference flails its way to a 3-4 bowl record. Here’s an idea – try a little something called defense.

The Carroll Lobbying Firm

Closed for business

All the begging by SoCal Pete only nets the Trojans 3rd in the AP with a single, measly number 1 vote.

And, despite the talk of “two national championships”, how many little crystal trophies are there at USC?
Anyone, anyone?

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mlmintampa said...

Carroll: 1.5 MNCs
Meyer: 2 MNCs

Suck it, USC. Also, I want to know what Oklahoma fans thought when the entire upper deck on the UF side started chanting "S-E-C! S-E-C!" with about two minutes left.