Monday, December 08, 2008


I’m in the midst of doing a post about how close the final BCS poll really was, and I’m looking over the voting in the Coaches’ Poll when I see it.

Spurrier voted Florida number 2.

Every other SEC coach put Florida number one, including Croom, Fulmer, Miles, Richt and Tuberville. Bowden had Florida number one. Cristobal of FIU and Schnellenberger of FAU had the Gators number one. Even Mack Brown put Florida first.

But not Spurrier.

It wasn’t like he didn’t have a frame of reference here beyond his Florida ties.

What frame of reference? Well I would suggest 56-6, the worst loss of his career. Or how about those 519 yards against his defense? Or the measly 173 yards by his offense?

When 56 points isn't enough

The Gators beat the Gamecocks by 25 more points than any team scored on them this year. Are you saying that Oklahoma would have beaten your worse Steve?

Methinks someone is jealous of having his legacy eclipsed.


jj gator said...

Karma's a bitch, Steve-o.

Jams said...

Or it could just be that Spurrier is an offensive mind, and thus he's more likely to be swayed by the ridiculous offensive numbers that the Sooners are putting up. Besides, he's got ties to Stoops anyway.

Agg_gator88 said...

It's probably because Stoops and Spurrier are still very good friends and Stoops was the one who came in after the 95 embarrassment and won Spurrier the 96 championship. At the same time im sure he was conflicted about going against his alma mater.

Mergz said...

Spurrier is very much one to vote for reasons other than simple merit - note his annual vote of Duke to the top 25. So when it comes to his voting, who knows what to think? And Spurrier and Stoops are friends, and even vacation together, so it may be as simple as that. If that was the reason, it definitely wasn't merit based.

But seriously - when a team gives you the worst beating of your career, don't you think they might be the best team out there when all other factors are weighed? There are countless quotes with Steve talking about the toughness of the SEC in general, so why the sudden Big 12 inclination? And all the other SEC coaches seemed to think Florida the best, but not the guy who went there?

Jams said...

Agreed in part, Mergz, but getting the worst beating of his career is as much an indictment of this Carolina team as it is an endorsement of Florida. Who's to say he wouldn't have been beaten even worse by Oklahoma. It's really not that far-fetched of an idea.

Andrew said...

I read somewhere Spurrier said he compared losses and Florida had the worse loss.

Anonymous said...

B Bowden had UF 2. The Fired Bowden had us 1.

Trader Rick said...

Spurrier is in good company with Zook

jj gator said...

Yeah Rick - I read recently that Carolina held a "players-only" meeting right after the regular season ended. Shades of Zookism in Columbia?