Monday, November 03, 2008

This and that

1. Phil Fulmer is out at Tennessee. Phil will continue as coach the remainder of the season.  

2. Florida focuses on Vandy. Coach Meyer thinks they are the 2nd best team in the SEC East – take that Mark Richt! “It’s the best Vandy team we’ve every gone against,” Meyer said. “They started 5-0. They’re in second place in the SEC East and I’d say they’re the second best team in the SEC East. Their middle linebacker, I think he’s the best in the league. They’re a bowl team.”

3. The Georgia fans think we have a pretty good team. Georgia apologist Mark Bradley points out where he has been wrong in the past 6 months when it comes to Florida and Georgia. Tony Barnhardt also comments.

4. If this is true you won’t be seeing Ronnie Wilson play for the Gators anytime soon.


Trader Rick said...

1. Tennessee may have come a cropper here. Phat Phil averaged 9-3 seasons over his 17 years-- a lot of teams would love to have that kind of coach and record. Of course, walking away with six mil precludes us from crying for Coach over this.

2. We can only hope Coach Meyer can keep the team focused. The veiled taunting by players and Coach Saturday is OK when backed up on the field of play, but that sort of cockiness can come back and bite you in the arse. There is a path to the title game, but the Gators have to take care of business, first. Like hanging 70 points on the commies.
3. The Bulldogs are a better team than the score indicated. He needed to hand them the "Big Deal" and I'm glad we did, but a few breaks falling the other way, and official's calls, or non-calls, and it would have been a lot closer game.

jj gator said...

Good point #2, Rick. Sure the Georgia win was HUGE for our Gators as far as staying in contention to go to Atlanta and as far as the BCS in concerned, but once the final whistle blows it's ready to move on to the next opponent - that's Coach Meyer's philosophy. Vandy's no pushover and could be a spoiler if we go up to Nashville under-prepared.

Meyer's "gag" order against trash-talking worked heading into the WLOCP,and I hope he sets this rule for the remainder of the season. Our guys need to be focused on the games at hand; every remaining game is "must-win".

The way I'd like to see things evolve for the Gators: (1) Beat Vandy and clinch the SEC East; (2) Beat both South Carolina and that school out west impressively enough that we accrue the "style" points we need to maintain our high BCS ranking, and (3) establish ourselves very early against The Citadel so that we can get Tebow and our starters out, and get them rested for the remaining two games before the bowl game, and give John Brantley a chance to show Gator Nation what he can really do.

Scully, I'm sure you'll agree with me that Meyer did the right thing in booting Ronnie Wilson off the team. He was given a second chance just like Marcus Thomas was in 2006, and he too blew it.