Friday, November 28, 2008

There are stats and then there are stats

Joseph Goodman, the Miami Herald's Gator beat blogger has posted this image on his blog:

About the image Goodman writes:

Think the Gators' rivalry against "The School Out West" doesn't mean much to UF's current coaching staff? Wrong. Earlier in the season, here's the first thing that greated people as they walked down the hall into the assistant coaches' offices.
But look closely at image. The most telling stat to me is the graduation rates. While FSUs graduation rate has been climbing it was abysmal with less than half of their African American players graduating. UF's graduation rate took a hit in 2007.


Trader Rick said...

I hate FSU.

UrqE said...

I read Bowden said they need to score 50 to win the game.
I hope we get another post game confernce from Bobby like last year. Andrews stated they need to play a perfect game to keep it close.
I expect us to roll BIG TIME. Meyer has done an excellent job of playing one game at a time.

DolFan 316 said...

Turns out Bowden was right, they DID need to score 50 to win. LOL

This game had me SO nervous because the Gators had everything to lose and FSU had nothing to lose and I kept flashing back to last season when seemingly every single time all 2nd ranked Team X had to do was win one more game to clinch something it lost every time.

But now everything's all set up. The Gators have complete control of their destiny and that's the important thing.

miguel said...

This poster is hopelessly out of date. Perhaps they could change it?

And why no love for the 2004 game?

Henry Louis Gomez said...

The poster was from the beginning of the season. It includes the stats up through 2007. As such it was not out of date. And 2004 was under Ron Zook. I don't think Urban cares much about what his predecessor did (although Bobby Bowden field is commonly referred to as Ron Zook field).

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to see an additional, adjusted graduation percentage that takes into account leaving early for the NFL.

I think that if you become a millionaire then that should count as "graduating".